HAMBURGER WiTH FRiES 11,50€ [200 grams of beef, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese and pickle slices] VEGAN BURGUER 9€ [115 grams of  soy burger, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and pickle slices]


Serranito (pork loin, ham and bell pepper) [6,00€] Pork loin, tomato and cheese [5,50€] Bacon tomato and cheese [5,00€] Salmon, lettuce and mayonnaise [6,00€]


Carcamusas (pork meat with sauce) [8,50€] Grilled Oreja [11,00€]  Rabbit meat in red wine  [11,50€]  Chicken wings and fries  [12,00€] Kentucky chicken with cheddar delights  [12,00€] Meat brochette or Chicken curry brochette  [4,00€]  Lamb Stew [€9.00] Blood Sausage Mincemeat + Padrón Peppers [€5.00]


Pink cusk-eel Nuggets  [11,00€] Delicias de Japuta [8,50€]

Tortilla [assorted | 6-8 people] €24.00 with/without onion | €28.00 with asparagus or mushrooms or spinach.


Grilled vegetables  [8,00€]  Mediterranean salad (with lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, beetroot, tuna and olives) [Egg optional] [6,50€]  Bravas (fries with spicy sauce)   [7,50€] Ratatouille with fries and fried egg  [10,00€]  Gazpacho Fresquito [5,00€] Tortilla Stick [3,00€] Manchego Cheese platter [8,00 €] Cheese tasting platter (3 types) [12,00€]


Grilled Zarajo [6,50€]  Tenderloin tacos with cherry tomato and cheese [8,00€] 


Homemade Tiramisu [5,00 €] Ice Cream Sundae [3,00 €]

Bebidas en La Divergente